Laura Ingraham of Fox News Expresses Concerns Over Charges Against Former President Trump

Laura Ingraham, a prominent host on Fox News, voiced her apprehensions on Wednesday, suggesting that the recent charges brought against former President Donald Trump could potentially serve as a rationale for imposing restrictions on free speech. She also asserted that media organizations are wary of the impact of these charges on the Republican voter base.

A grand jury in Fulton County, Georgia, issued ten indictments on Monday evening, targeting Trump and his associates in relation to his efforts to challenge the outcome of the 2020 election in that particular state. Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, who initiated an investigation into Trump’s activities concerning the 2020 election, previously signaled the possibility of Trump’s indictment in April.


“How sad it is to be a political analyst and what you’re hoping for most is to take an opposition candidate off the campaign trail. So no real debate, no real campaign, just to be silenced, if not put in actual prison,” Ingraham said. “They ponder how to some him from doing more so-called damage to America.”

Ingraham played video of liberal media commentators expressing hope that Trump would be sent to prison or subjected to house arrest in order to silence him.

“Could this be the pretext to justify not just limits on Trump’s own speech, but 2024 limits on campaign rallies, campaigning at all or even in person voting?” Ingraham asked after playing the video.

“Their entire reason for being, for living seems to be singularly focused on seeing Trump humiliated,” Ingraham added later. “By the way, these fanatics aren’t just giddy because they want to see Trump shamed in these trials and everything that will come with the trials, they also firmly believe that they are putting conservative populism on trial as well.”

A MSNBC guest called for a “tectonic shift” to address the “threat” posed by Trump supporters, whom he compared to al-Qaeda.

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