Laughter Erupts in White House Briefing Room as Fox News Correspondent Mixes Up President Biden’s Name

President Biden, Fox News

During Thursday’s White House briefing, Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy sparked laughter in the room as he accidentally referred to President Joe Biden as “President Obiden.” The slip-up occurred while Doocy was addressing National Security spokesperson John Kirby regarding Vice President Kamala Harris’s purported disagreement with the president on the Gaza conflict.

Amidst the laughter from reporters, Doocy corrected himself, saying, “Is President Obiden … is President Biden … okay.”

To this, Kirby responded affirmatively, stating, “Yes, he is.”

Doocy continued his inquiry, seeking clarification on whether President Biden was comfortable with members of the vice president’s team going public with their perspectives. Kirby emphasized that the president values Vice President Harris as a genuine teammate and significant leader, highlighting her understanding of the foreign policy direction and her willingness to provide candid advice.

While the exchange unfolded, Kirby declined to delve into specific details about Harris’s counsel to the president. Reports suggest that Harris has been urging Biden to show more public empathy towards Palestinian civilians and advocate for a more robust pursuit of a long-term peace solution and a two-state agreement.

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