KJP Accuses Catholic Reporter of Labeling Trans Kids as ‘Dangerous’ During Discussion on Women’s Sports

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre accused EWTN White House correspondent Owen Jensen of calling transgender kids “dangerous” on Tuesday for asking about concerned female athletes and their parents.

Jensen asked if the White House had a message for concerned parents who are worried about their daughters’ “safety” when competing against biologically stronger males. Jean-Pierre initially called the issue “complicated,” then criticized the reporter’s framing of the question.

“What would the president say to parents out there who have daughters let’s say in high school, for example, who are worried that their daughter may have to compete against a male, a person born male, and there could be a directl and physical athletic competition and worry about their daughter’s safety?” Jensen asked.

“So look, what you’re alluding to is basically saying that transgender kids are dangerous. It sounds like that’s what you’re saying,” Jean-Pierre replied. “Well, you’re saying that their safety is at risk.”

As Jensen began to defend himself, Jean-Pierre said he was “laying out a broad example or explanation of what could potentially happen.”

“That is dangerous, that is a dangerous thing to say,” she continued. “That essentially transgender kids we’re talking about are dangerous. And so that’s something that I have to call out. That is irresponsible. I had just laid out how complicated this issue is. I had just laid out why it’s complicated, and so anything that you have any additional questions, I refer you to the Department of Education. I’m gonna move on.”

Female athletes have decried having to compete against males identifying as women in sports, complaining they have consistently dominated the competition. Biological male Lia Thomas, who identifies as a woman, famously defeated the other female competitors by almost 1.75 seconds in the 500-yard freestyle event at the 2022 National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Women’s Championships in March 2022.

Several female athletes came out in support of a Republican-led bill that intends to amend Title IX to prohibit men from competing against women in sports.

There’ve been multiple reports of female athletes getting injured after competing against biological males. A North Carolina high school volleyball player in April said she suffered from a long-term concussion and neck injury after a male athlete spiked the ball and hit her in the face, according to Fox News.

Three players on a high school rugby team were also injured after being slammed by a male competitor in April 2022, the Washington Examiner reported.

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