Kim Reynolds Responds to Former President Trump’s Criticism over Primary Endorsement

Republican Governor Kim Reynolds of Iowa has issued a strong response to former President Donald Trump, who voiced his disapproval of her decision not to endorse him in the upcoming Republican primaries.

Reynolds, during her appearance on “The Ingraham Angle” on May 31, affirmed her commitment to maintaining a neutral stance throughout the Iowa caucuses. She underscored the significance of Iowa’s position as the first state in the Republican nomination process and emphasized her dedication to upholding a fair and unbiased approach.

In reaction to Reynolds’ neutrality, Trump expressed criticism, contending that his support had contributed to her holding the Governor’s position. He raised objections to her decision not to endorse him, indicating a perceived connection between his support and her role.

“It’s actually Iowans who made the decision to elect me in a really tough year,” Reynolds told CNN. “2018 was not a good year for Republicans. I squeaked by.”


Reynolds, then the lieutenant governor of Iowa, took over the governorship when Trump appointed then-Republican Gov. Terry Branstad to be ambassador to China. She ran for a full term in her own right in 2018, defeating Fred Hubbell 50.3% to 47.5% and won re-election in 2022 with 58% of the vote against Democratic nominee Deidra DeJear.

“I think it’s early,” Reynolds said when asked if Trump could be viewed as the “inevitable nominee.”

Trump currently leads Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida in the Real Clear Politics average of polls taken from July 12 to August 7, 54.2% to 15.1%, a margin of 39.1 points, with businessman Vivek Ramaswamy in third place with 6.1%. Trump also leads among Iowa voters, 43% to 17% over Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida, with Republican Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina in third place, the Washington Examiner reported.

The Democratic National Committee approved a primary calendar that gives South Carolina the first presidential primary election on Feb. 3, 2024, followed by New Hampshire and Nevada on Feb. 6, according to CBS News.

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