Kamala Harris Sparks Controversy with Thanksgiving Photo Amidst Biden Administration’s Proposed Gas Stove Initiative

On Thanksgiving Day, Vice President Kamala Harris stirred controversy by sharing a photo of herself and Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff standing beside a gas stove, despite the Biden administration’s recent discussions about potential initiatives to regulate such appliances.

Harris posted the picture on social media, featuring the vice president with her hand on her husband’s cheek as they smiled next to their holiday feast. The caption read, “From our family to yours, happy Thanksgiving.” However, the post was met with swift criticism on social media, with users pointing out perceived hypocrisy.

“Gas stoves for me but not for thee,” remarked Libs of TikTok in a caption, juxtaposing the post with a Daily Caller article detailing the administration’s stance against gas cooking equipment. Actor and producer Kevin Sorbo questioned the environmental impact, stating, “I thought gas stoves were bad for the environment.” Republican Georgia Rep. Mike Collins inquired, “Is that a gas stove? 🧐”

In February, the Department of Energy (DOE) introduced a proposed rule to establish new “energy conservation standards” for gas stoves and electric cooking appliances. While the rule would apply to newly manufactured gas stoves, it does not impose limits on consumers’ usage. Despite the administration’s assurance that it is not seeking to ban gas stoves, the DOE’s $225 million initiative to support state and local governments in adopting building codes discouraging gas hookups raises concerns about a potential phase-out of this cooking equipment.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre addressed apprehensions regarding a gas stove ban in July, emphasizing that the proposed rule would not take effect until 2029. The photo shared by Vice President Harris adds fuel to the ongoing debate surrounding the administration’s approach to gas stoves and their environmental impact.

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