Joe Biden Used Pseudonym for Private Email Exchange with Hunter’s Associate, New Emails Reveal

Newly released emails indicate that then-Vice President Joe Biden utilized a pseudonym, “Robin Ware,” to engage in more than 50 private emails with Eric Schwerin, a close business associate and accountant of Hunter Biden. The House Ways and Means Committee received the email data from IRS whistleblower Joseph Ziegler. These emails show that Joe Biden and Schwerin communicated extensively, with many exchanges occurring around spring 2014, coinciding with Hunter’s involvement with Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings.

Before Joe Biden’s trip to Ukraine in June 2014, he emailed Schwerin five times, followed by 27 emails afterward. In total, the two communicated 327 times, with Hunter Biden copied on 38 emails from White House accounts to the then-VP’s email alias. A different alias was used by Joe Biden in May 2016 to inform Hunter about a planned meeting with Ukraine’s then-president, as per Hunter Biden’s laptop archive.

The House Oversight Committee had previously requested records from the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) regarding Joe Biden’s apparent use of aliases for official purposes. NARA has identified over 5,000 emails potentially linked to Joe Biden’s pseudonyms. The Ways and Means Committee released 56 new pages of documents, including the email search, emphasizing suspicions about Joe Biden potentially concealing the nature of these communications. The release follows the committee’s earlier documents supporting whistleblower testimonies accusing the DOJ of granting Hunter Biden special treatment during its investigation.

Key aspects of the IRS whistleblower testimonies were confirmed by witness testimony from DOJ, FBI, and IRS officials. Hunter Biden received over $80,000 monthly from Burisma despite lacking relevant experience, and Schwerin, a central figure in coordinating media strategy for Joe Biden’s 2015 Ukraine trip, was subpoenaed by the House Oversight Committee in November. The Oversight Committee sought access to communications between Joe Biden’s vice-presidential office and his son’s business associates, particularly those with Schwerin.

The released emails and patterns of communication raise questions about Joe Biden’s potential efforts to conceal the content and existence of these messages, according to Ways and Means Committee Chairman Jason Smith. Investigations into Hunter Biden’s tax fraud and business dealings might have exposed Joe Biden’s direct involvement if not hindered, he added.

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