Hunter Biden Faces 12 Criminal Counts, Echoing His Father’s Past Stance on Crack Cocaine, Tax Evasion, and Gun Control

President Joe Biden, known for his decades-long criticism of the wealthy evading taxes and his strict stance on gun control, now finds himself navigating the legal challenges surrounding his son, Hunter Biden. Hunter is currently entangled in 12 criminal counts, with nine related to tax offenses and three involving illegal gun possession.

Facing allegations of tax evasion, tax fraud, and failure to file taxes, Hunter Biden is accused of amassing over $7 million through foreign business dealings with entities in Ukraine, Romania, and China. The indictment claims he failed to pay over $1 million in taxes over a four-year period. The first son’s legal woes also include three felony charges related to illegal possession of a firearm, with revelations that he allegedly bought a revolver during a period of crack cocaine addiction.

President Biden, historically an advocate for gun control and tax fairness, has stood by his son, emphasizing his love and support. However, this situation draws attention to the president’s past calls for stringent measures against those engaging in similar activities. In 1991, then-Senator Biden advocated for a five-year jail term for individuals in possession of crack cocaine. His 1994 crime bill imposed a minimum five-year sentence for trafficking 500 grams of powder cocaine or five grams of crack.

Despite this, in 2019, President Biden acknowledged the 1994 crime bill as a “profound mistake” and sought corrective measures. During his presidency, he supported legislation addressing disparities in crack and powder cocaine offenses.

Hunter Biden’s recent defiance of a congressional subpoena has also raised eyebrows, considering President Biden’s earlier calls for prosecuting those who refuse to comply with such demands. The political implications of these developments are being closely scrutinized, with GOP strategists highlighting potential challenges for the president in navigating a perceived double standard for the elite and the general public.

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