Hunter Biden Expresses Displeasure at Mexican Business Magnate in Leaked Emails

Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, was revealed to have admonished Miguel Aleman Magnani, a Mexican business magnate, for allegedly ignoring him after setting up multiple meetings with then-Vice President Joe Biden during his tenure. Leaked emails from Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop archive show that he expressed dissatisfaction with Magnani in February 2016, stating, “We have so many great things to do together, and I want you at the plane when the VP lands with your Mom and Dad, and you completely ignore me.”

Hunter Biden accused Magnani of not responding to his efforts despite having arranged meetings for him and his father. He expressed disappointment, saying, “I’ve looked at what your family has done and want to follow in that tradition, and you always say you will help, but I haven’t heard from you since I got you a meeting for Carlos and your Dad.”

The leaked emails also reveal Hunter Biden’s frustration, claiming that he had brought everyone Magnani asked to the White House and Vice President’s house and had been discussing business deals for seven years. Despite Hunter Biden’s expressed grievances, the details surrounding the strained relationship between him and Magnani remain unclear.

Hunter Biden’s laptop archive, containing the leaked emails, has been verified by various news organizations, including the Daily Caller News Foundation, New York Times, and Washington Post. The FBI had reportedly verified the laptop contents as early as November 2019. The leaked emails provide insights into Hunter Biden’s interactions with Magnani, a prominent figure in Mexican business circles.

Hunter Biden and Magnani had previously been pictured together in November 2015 at the Naval Observatory in Washington, D.C. The two arranged meetings with Joe Biden, and photos from the laptop archive indicate their connection. In February 2016, Hunter Biden and Magnani flew to Mexico on Air Force Two, but Magnani did not greet them at the airport. Reports suggest that during a dinner in Mexico, Hunter Biden berated Magnani, leading to an uncomfortable situation where the Mexican businessman left the restaurant through the bathroom.

The relationship between Hunter Biden and Magnani reportedly deteriorated due, in part, to Hunter’s erratic behavior. The leaked emails and revelations come amid ongoing scrutiny of Hunter Biden’s business dealings and personal matters, including his recent indictment on federal gun charges. The House Oversight Committee has also issued subpoenas to Hunter Biden and his uncle, James Biden, as part of its investigation.

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