Harris Faulkner Engages in Heated Debate with Former New York State Democratic Rep. David Carlucci over President Biden’s Age

On Friday, Fox News’ Harris Faulkner and former New York State Democratic Rep. David Carlucci engaged in a spirited discussion about President Joe Biden’s age. The conversation centered around recent changes in Biden’s routine and appearance, raising questions about his fitness for office.

Notably, President Biden modified his airplane staircase routine, opting to use the 14 steps at the back of the plane that are closer to the ground. This decision came after several incidents in which he tripped while climbing the stairs. Additionally, Biden made a “concession” to comfort by wearing sneakers and has opted for late-night informal dinners during international trips, as reported by Politico.

During the discussion, guest Garrett Ventry highlighted Biden’s declining popularity in the polls, noting that not only Republicans but also Democrats and Independents are questioning the president’s age and physical abilities.

In contrast, Carlucci viewed the focus on trivial matters such as stairs and sneakers as a positive indicator. He argued that if people are scrutinizing these aspects, it suggests that there are no significant policy issues to campaign on.

The debate sheds light on ongoing discussions about President Biden’s physical health and age, sparking diverse opinions and assessments within the political landscape. As the conversation continues, the public and political observers alike remain engaged in assessing the president’s capabilities and leadership.

“You are in good political shape when your opponents have to attack your shoes or the type of steps you’re taking out of a plane. This is a bad political strategy. I wouldn’t be surprised if we start seeing Republican presidential hopefuls put in their platforms that they’re gonna remove the stairs and put in a fireman’s pole to show their athletic ability,” Carlucci said before Faulkner said, “Oh my goodness!”

“It’s about being the best president of the United States, not about competing for the Olympic gold. Look, just next week we’ll celebrate the Americans with Disabilities Act, 33 years. That’s legislation that acknowledges that people with disabilities don’t lack opportunity or capability. They only lack those opportunities when we don’t have –” Carlucci said before Faulkner interjected.

“Wait a minute, I want to just pause there. Are you saying that the president being an octogenarian is some sort of disability? Look my grandmother passed three weeks shy of her 101. Her age wasn’t a disability. I don’t hear anybody saying that. They are talking about – the question is whether or not he has the stamina to do a punishing schedule of the president of the United States. Something that my grandmother, nor yours or probably anybody’s on here would be faced with doing, let alone in their 80s.”

“If it means more comfortable shoes–” Carlucci said before Faulkner once more cut him off.

“I don’t know why you would bring that up because it wasn’t part of the conversation,” she said.

“If we’re talking about wearing comfortable shoes or having different steps into the Air Force One, that’s what is being criticized and that’s what I’m defending,” Carlucci argued.

“We have seen him fall and trip over sandbags that were a couple of inches between the flat surface he was walking on and to. So it is fair that they would – might want to make it easier for him. We have seen him falling on other things, but I don’t know, what’s your take Garrett on calling this a disability?

Ventry agreed with Faulkner, saying he wouldn’t call age a disability.

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