Griselda Blanco’s Family Sues Sofia Vergara and Netflix Over Unauthorized Use of Likeness in “Griselda” Miniseries

The family of Griselda Blanco has filed a lawsuit against Sofia Vergara and Netflix, alleging the unauthorized use of their family’s image and likeness in the upcoming miniseries titled “Griselda.” In the series, Vergara portrays Blanco, a notorious Colombian drug lord.

Representing Blanco’s estate, her son Michael claims to have provided detailed interviews and shared personal stories with a source for a production based on his experiences. According to TMZ, Michael alleges that Netflix utilized his information without compensation and is seeking an injunction to stop the release of the miniseries. Michael and his siblings assert that the use of their images and likeness in the show was unauthorized and constitutes a violation of their rights.

Court documents reveal that Michael’s interviews with sources spanned from 2009 to 2022, with the content and concept being pitched to a producer in 2016. Although Netflix initially expressed interest, Michael claims that the streaming service later decided not to use any of the original content he provided. The upcoming miniseries, scheduled for release on January 25, is listed with Sofia Vergara as the executive producer.

Michael alleges that the miniseries incorporates unauthorized use of the anecdotes and material he supplied, and he asserts that he has not received any compensation for the content. The lawsuit seeks redress for the alleged violation of the family’s rights and unauthorized use of their likeness in the production.

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