Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Brings Playful Twist with Barbie-Themed Post Amid Serious News

In a lighthearted social media post on Friday, Democratic Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer embraced a playful moment amidst serious news headlines.

Setting aside discussions on pressing issues like fentanyl poisonings, serial killers, and extreme weather events, Gov. Whitmer shared a whimsical Barbie-themed content on her Twitter feed, offering a moment of cheer to her followers.

“Come on Barbie, let’s go govern,” Whitmer (or an aide who hates her) wrote to the governor’s followers.

“This Barbie is the 49th Governor of the great state of Michigan, and just like [Barbie], fuchsia is my power color,” the caption reads.

Whitmer is trying to use the Barbie brand to promote the random stuff her office is doing, and it’s so weird I don’t really know where to begin.

She’s allegedly going to be fixing “the damn roads” from “Ann Arbor to Escanaba” so that her Barbie doll can “cruise through the Great Lakes State, enjoy scenic views, and turn every journey into an adventure.”

Another post was focused on “electrification” and “battery manufacturing,” presumably for electric vehicles. This tweet was actually quite interesting because I had no idea that, under Whitmer’s leadership, Michigan is helping fund the child slave trade in Africa that is so closely intertwined with sources the materials for electric vehicle batteries.

Whitmer clearly wasn’t content with just the one post about Barbie on her socials. She, or someone she works for who has no idea what they’re doing, thought it was a good idea to post a freaking slew of tweets from the governor’s official account. It’s behavior like this that makes it very difficult to stop parody accounts on the platform.

At least two of the posts feature the generic brunette doll holding a Michigan flag and being weird all over the state capital. Honestly, these videos give me “I’ve just done cocaine and can’t contain my hyperactivity in public” vibes.

Ladies and gentleman, these types of tweets prove how little your elected officials think of you. And that should hurt your feelings.

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