GOP Congressman Brian Mast Claims Success in Aiding Gold Star Father Charged for State of the Union Outburst

In a recent appearance on Fox Business’ “The Bottom Line,” Republican Representative Brian Mast of Florida disclosed that the office of GOP House Speaker Mike Johnson has stepped in to assist Gold Star father Steve Nikoui, who faced charges following his disruption of President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address.

Nikoui, whose son was among the American Marines killed during the chaotic Afghanistan withdrawal, voiced his grievances during the event, leading to his arrest. Mast highlighted the apparent discrepancy in treatment, noting that Nikoui and Lieutenant Colonel Stuart Scheller were the only individuals arrested in connection with the Afghanistan withdrawal, despite others voicing opposition without consequence.

Mast revealed that Johnson’s office successfully intervened to have Nikoui’s charges dropped. He emphasized the importance of upholding constitutional rights, particularly in the seat of government. Additionally, Mast criticized the alleged double standard that allows members of Congress to avoid repercussions for similar actions.

Notably, Nikoui was invited to the State of the Union by Mast, who aimed to underscore Biden’s impact on national security and American families. Nikoui’s heckling led to his removal from the event and subsequent charges filed by the U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia.

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