Gift Orban Clarifies Misrepresented Arsenal Statements in Phone Interview

Gift Orban, the talented Nigerian striker, would like to address the recent misrepresentation of his views regarding Arsenal Football Club and apologize to the Arsenal fans. Orban clarifies that the statement attributed to him does not reflect his actual words or opinions and deeply regrets any misunderstanding that may have arisen from this false representation.

Media reports running across different outlets have distorted and taken out of context the words of Orban, but this has been cleared up by the Genk forward (with 19 goals in 19 games) in an exclusive phone conversation with journalist/publicist Ediale Kingsley from Sabistation Media.

Arsenal’s rich history and status as one of the top teams in English football are recognized by Orban, who underscores his great respect for the club and his reluctance to criticize it in any way.

Orban’s true perspective, which is not accurately represented by the false statement, includes a belief in Arsenal’s potential to achieve success, as well as a deep understanding of the team’s dedicated and passionate supporters, who are integral to the club’s future.

Orban wishes to apologize to Arsenal fans who may have been affected by the false statement and hopes that this clarification will reaffirm his deep admiration and respect for the club and its supporters.

As he continues to focus on his performances with Gent, Orban eagerly anticipates the possibility of playing against Arsenal in the future and experiencing the team’s unparalleled passion and intensity on the field.

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