Gasoline Tanker Explodes on Connecticut Highway, Prompting Shutdown

A harrowing incident unfolded on a Connecticut highway Thursday morning as a tractor-trailer carrying over 8,500 gallons of gasoline erupted into flames following a collision, as reported by News 8 Connecticut.

Thankfully, there were no fatalities or severe injuries reported from the explosion, though the intensity of the crash resulted in the closure of both lanes of the highway, according to Department of Energy and Environmental Protection spokesperson Paul Copleman.

Details emerged indicating the involvement of two tractor-trailers and a passenger vehicle in the fiery collision, leading to a chaotic scene that prompted authorities to close off the affected stretch of highway.

Paul Rizzo, chief of Highway Operations, described the ensuing traffic congestion as a “nightmare” during a press conference, underscoring the severity of the incident.

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont, while acknowledging the dramatic nature of the event, reassured the public of everyone’s safety, sharing footage and images of the disaster site.

Federal authorities, including Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg, expressed their concern and gratitude toward first responders dealing with the aftermath of the inferno.

Meanwhile, Scott Hill, chief engineer of Connecticut’s Department of Transportation, stated that an overpass affected by the explosion would remain closed until a comprehensive assessment of the damage could be conducted, as per CBS News reports.

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