Fox News Guest Raises Concerns Over Biden’s Health, Speculates on Impact within Democratic Party

A guest on Fox News expressed concerns on Friday about the potential consequences of an unexpected “health scare” involving President Joe Biden, suggesting it could lead to a significant division within the Democratic Party resembling a “real civil war.”

Recent incidents, such as Biden’s mistaken references to Ukraine as “Iraq” on two occasions in late June, have reignited concerns about his age and overall health. During a discussion, Biden incorrectly stated that Russian President Vladimir Putin was “losing in Iraq” while referring to the attempted coup led by Wagner Group’s Yevgeny Prigozhin. Additionally, Biden made remarks about bringing Europe together to counter “the onslaught in Iraq.”

In addition to verbal slips, Biden has experienced physical falls in recent months. He stumbled at the Air Force Academy on June 1, fell off his bike in June 2022, and had two instances of stumbling on the steps of Air Force One.

“If there was something unanticipated, if Biden had a health scare at some point in the next few months, that would not give Democrats a whole lot of time to prepare and figure out who would be the successor,” Josh Kraushaar, editor-in-chief for Jewish Insider, told “America’s Newsroom” co-host Dana Perino.

“Dana, I think if Biden decided to step aside and you had all the other candidates, Vice President Harris or Governor Newsom in California, Governor Whitmer, it would be a mess. I mean, it would be a real civil war of a primary,” Kraushaar continued.

Less than half of Democrats wanted Biden to run again in 2024, citing his age, according to an April AP/NORC poll. Biden announced his re-election bid April 25 with a video posted to social media, and faces challenges from guru Marianne Williamson and activist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in the Democratic primary.

Vice President Kamala Harris will be retained as Biden’s running mate, per a January 2022 statement by the president.

While these incidents have raised questions about Biden’s well-being, the guest on Fox News extrapolated their potential impact on the Democratic Party. The guest speculated that if a health scare were to occur, it could trigger a significant internal conflict within the party, akin to a “real civil war.”

As concerns about Biden’s age and health persist, they continue to fuel discussions and debates surrounding his ability to fulfill his presidential duties effectively. It remains to be seen how these concerns will shape political discourse and potential dynamics within the Democratic Party moving forward.

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