Fox News Employees Exposed to LGBTQ Literature and Advocacy for Minors’ Gender Transition, Leaked Documents Reveal

Leaked documents from undisclosed Fox News employees reveal that Fox Corporation, the parent company of Fox News, has reportedly provided a series of pro-LGBTQ materials to its workforce.

The documents, obtained by the Daily Wire, shed light on the internal initiatives implemented by Fox Corporation in support of LGBTQ rights and inclusion.

The report comes as Fox, a favorite news outlet of conservative viewers, faces increased scrutiny for its policies. The Daily Signal reported in May on a leaked handbook that encouraged employees to use the bathroom matching their “gender identity,” rather than their biological sex, and to dress in accordance with their “gender identity.”

When employees log into online portals, they are encouraged to donate to several organizations that encourage child sex changes, such as the Trevor Project, Ali Forney Center, and Los Angeles LGBT Center, the documents, which were posted to Twitter by the Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh, indicate.

The Trevor Project hosts an online chat room with children as young as 13 that has reportedly connected minors with LGBT adults. The Ali Forney Center has touted its practice of injecting homeless “LGBT youth” with cross-sex hormones. The Los Angeles LGBT Center featured a video of a mother surprising her daughter with cross-sex hormones.

Fox employees are also reportedly encouraged to read LGBT-themed books, including one memoir that details sex acts in bathroom stalls, documents show. Another book about a fictional homosexual relationship between the Prince of Wales and the president’s son calls America a “genocidal nation” and features “gay erotica.”

Fox also allegedly uses an AI software that “tracks the diversity and inclusion stats of employees,” Walsh reported.

Fox News has used female pronouns to refer to men who identify as women, referred to irreversible sex changes as “gender affirming care,” and even aired a segment positively profiling a transgender teenager in June 2022.

In April, Fox News parted ways with Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson, prompting many conservative viewers to cancel their subscriptions. Former Fox host Megyn Kelly has accused Irena Briganti, Fox’s senior executive vice president of corporate communications, of leaking videos of Carlson to liberal press.

Fox did not respond to the Daily Caller’s request for comment.

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