Fox News Correspondent Questions President Biden on Election Denial Remark

Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy queries President Biden on his recent comment regarding Terry McAuliffe, asking if the president views election denial as a joke.

During a pro-abortion speech on Tuesday, President Biden referred to Terry McAuliffe, the former Democratic Virginia gubernatorial candidate, as the “real governor,” suggesting that McAuliffe truly won the 2021 election against Gov. Glenn Youngkin in Virginia. The comment sparked reactions, with conservatives, including Youngkin, questioning the statement.

At Wednesday’s briefing, Peter Doocy asked, “Is election denying a joke now?” Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre responded, “He was making a joke about Terry McAuliffe.” When pressed for details about the joke, Doocy sought clarification, asking, “What’s the joke?”

Jean-Pierre explained that the president made a joke about McAuliffe’s previous term as governor from 2014 to 2018. Doocy then questioned the administration’s stance on denouncing election result denial when the president himself makes such remarks. Jean-Pierre reiterated that Biden did not deny the election results, emphasizing that he congratulated Governor Youngkin immediately after his victory.

Youngkin, responding to the purported joke, stated, “Mr. President, I’m right here.” The incident highlights the ongoing tension surrounding election result disputes, with the White House consistently criticizing former President Donald Trump and his supporters for similar behavior. Jean-Pierre, in the past, has labeled Republicans as “MAGA extremists” and a “threat to democracy” for denying election results, even accusing Trump and Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp of stealing the 2016 presidential and Georgia gubernatorial elections.

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