“Fox & Friends” Host Lawrence Jones Clashes with Correspondent Jennifer Griffin Over Vice President Harris’ Munich Conference Comments

A segment on Friday morning’s “Fox & Friends” became heated as host Lawrence Jones engaged in a spirited debate with chief national security correspondent Jennifer Griffin regarding Vice President Kamala Harris’ recent comments at the Munich Security Conference.

Harris addressed the conference, emphasizing the importance of funding Ukraine amid debates over border security funding and foreign aid. Harris also commented on the death of Russian activist Alexei Navalny, placing blame on Russian President Vladimir Putin. Navalny, 47, passed away in a prison colony, having survived an assassination attempt in 2020.

Jones criticized Harris’ statement, arguing that labeling those who prioritize securing national borders as “isolationists” is a mischaracterization.

Griffin, joining the discussion, described Harris’ comments as a “very strong” message with domestic implications. She highlighted the choice Americans face regarding their role in the world, democracy, and the rise of dictators. Jones interjected, challenging the framing of the issue as a binary choice.

Griffin provided historical context for the Munich conference, but Jones maintained that many members of Congress are critical of linking border security to foreign aid, emphasizing the need to secure borders first. Griffin countered, citing a Senate bill on border security that the House did not take up.

Jones argued that there are valid criticisms of the bill’s effectiveness in securing the border. Griffin pointed out a new proposal by Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick to address border security, leading co-host Brian Kilmeade to comment on the urgency of the border crisis and the leverage foreign funding could provide.

The Senate recently passed a bill allocating $95 billion in military aid to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan. The initial proposal, which included both foreign aid and border security, faced opposition from Republicans who deemed the border policies insufficient. The final bill focused solely on foreign aid.

Watch another testy ‘Fox & Friends’ exchange:


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