FBI Director Christopher Wray Declines to Comment on President Biden’s Handling of Classified Information

During a congressional hearing on Tuesday, FBI Director Christopher Wray refrained from confirming whether President Joe Biden mishandled classified information after leaving the vice presidency in 2017.

The revelation emerged from a Department of Justice (DOJ) special counsel investigation led by Robert Hur in February. Hur’s report suggested that Biden retained classified information post-vice presidency and potentially shared some with the ghostwriter of his book, “Promise Me, Dad.” When questioned by House Intelligence Committee members, Wray stated he had “reviewed” the findings but declined to opine on whether Biden mishandled classified material, citing the report’s jurisdiction.


Despite persistent inquiries from House Republican Conference chair Elise Stefanik, Wray maintained his stance, deferring to the special counsel’s conclusions. Stefanik pressed further, mentioning an alleged audio recording of Biden referencing classified material. However, Wray continued to redirect attention to the special counsel’s findings.

Meanwhile, during a separate hearing before the House Judiciary Committee, Hur elucidated on his investigation’s outcomes regarding Biden. Hur acknowledged that Biden had mishandled classified information post-vice presidency but recommended against pursuing charges, citing potential juror perceptions of Biden as an elderly individual with memory challenges.

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