Exclusive Interview with “SODIUM” – CEO of Mubell Empathy Academy

In an exclusive interview with SODIUM, the enigmatic CEO of Mubell Empathy Academy, we delve into the inspiration behind his distinctive alias and explore how it intertwines with his journey from a class clown to a sought-after Emotions Coach. Unraveling the chemistry of his name, SODIUM, we discover its roots in his secondary school days and its evolution into a memorable brand that transcends traditional boundaries.

Q: Good day, SODIUM! Can you share with us the inspiration behind your unique alias and how it aligns with your role as the CEO of Mubell Empathy Academy?

A: Absolutely! The name “SODIUM” has its roots in my secondary school days at Federal Government Boys’ College in Apo, Abuja. I wanted a name that stood out, and after experimenting with popular figures like Roberto Carlos, I stumbled upon “SODIUM” as a nod to my love for chemistry. Interestingly, I didn’t foresee studying chemistry, yet here I am practicing medicine, healing people mentally and emotionally. The name gained more popularity in university, becoming a crucial part of my brand. It’s unique, just like my journey from a class clown to a sought-after Emotions Coach. When I ventured into public speaking, “SodiumSpeaks” was born, representing my commitment to always provide something positive, creating strong bonds and pleasant memories for my audience.

Q: As the CEO of MEA, what drove your focus towards breakthrough performance and Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in your training and coaching programs?

A: In the VUCA world (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous), organizations must harness their workforce’s full potential for consistent breakthrough performance. Many companies face barriers like limiting beliefs and emotional imbalance, hindering optimal performance despite high competence. At MEA, we arm workers with cutting-edge tools to overcome these obstacles, fostering a mindset shift toward life satisfaction beyond organizational goals. Breakthrough performance, extending beyond competency, involves curiosity, constant learning, and radical execution. Emotions profoundly impact behavior, motivation, and wellbeing. Our training addresses these challenges, emphasizing the vital role of EQ.

Q: How does empathy play a role in achieving breakthrough performance at both individual and organizational levels?

A: At MEA, our mission is to leverage empathy for societal thriving. Profitability, empathy, and peak performance aren’t mutually exclusive. Some organizations prioritize productivity at the cost of employee well-being. Empathy shows that collaboration is the new competition. To thrive, organizations must cultivate a culture of empathy, recognizing the importance of people, processes, and technology. Empathy is the key to unlocking the best from teams. On an individual level, it fosters self-compassion during setbacks and strengthens relationships.

Q: Could you elaborate on MEA’s unique methodologies for fostering EQ among individuals and within organizational settings?

A: Our methodology involves three crucial steps: Awareness, Engage, and Thrive. We assess individual or organizational needs, laying the foundation for transformation through awareness and acceptance. The engagement phase allows exploration and implementation of tools and techniques. The ultimate outcome is massive growth in influence, income, impact, improved wellbeing, and enhanced personal and professional relationships. Our trainings are highly experiential and transformational.

Q: What common challenges do you observe in emotional intelligence, and how does MEA address them?

A: Individuals often struggle with stress, understanding and expressing feelings, and building cohesive teams. At the organizational level, challenges include diverse team dynamics, anxiety, and resistance to change. MEA tackles these issues practically through EQ application in communication, collaboration, and workplace effectiveness. Leading with empathy is sometimes overlooked by CEOs; we provide tools and frameworks to integrate EQ into leadership, offering ongoing coaching for practical implementation.

Q: How does cultivating EQ contribute to professional growth and success, both personally and within a team dynamic?

A: EQ isn’t everything, but it enhances every aspect of life. Cultivating EQ leads to resilience, self-management, and effective interpersonal skills—critical elements for personal and professional success. Relationships, a cornerstone of success, rely heavily on EQ. It’s the differentiator in professional growth, where your EQ often speaks for you in decision-making rooms. In team dynamics, EQ equips members with effective communication skills, fostering collaboration over competition.

Q: Can you share a success story where MEA made a significant impact on an individual or organizational level?

A: We’ve received positive feedback from diverse organizations, including Federal Road Safety Corps, Ministry of Interior, HEMAM Synergy Limited, NIRSAL, Zebra Multiservices Ltd, and Alfaizun Academy. One standout success is Zebra Multiservices Ltd, where participants experienced a remarkable tenfold increase in productivity. At the individual level, clients have reported overcoming challenges such as depression, regaining confidence, and forming stronger relationships.

Q: As someone deeply involved in coaching, what key strategies do you recommend for achieving breakthrough performance in personal or professional lives?

A: Breakthrough performance involves energy and stress management, confidence, competence, attitude, habits, and focus. My strategy is to install the Breakthrough Performance mindset, focusing on intensity and strategy. Visualization activates performance states. Courage is crucial to unlocking breakthroughs, and starve distractions to tap into unlimited emotional resources. Empowering self-talk, focusing on what’s within your control, and reframing setbacks as opportunities contribute to sustained breakthroughs.

Q: How do you envision the landscape of EQ evolving, and what role does MEA play in shaping this evolution?

A: In a world of constant change, adaptability is crucial. MEA, with its unique solutions, aims to be the premium source for EQ solutions. Considering technological advancements, we’re developing an app for personalized EQ assessments and solutions. Tailored programs for remote workers and diversity training address emerging workplace trends. Our goal is to contribute to global EQ awareness, recognizing that a culture of empathy is essential for navigating challenges and inspiring teams in the VUCA world.

Q: In your role as CEO, how do you personally stay attuned to the needs and emotions of your clients, maintaining a high level of empathy in your interactions?

A: Identifying as a card-carrying member of the human race, I understand the chemistry between people truly matters. My journey of self-love, forgiveness, and acceptance forms the foundation of empathy. With clients, I approach every conversation with curiosity, creating a safe space for them to share and validating their feelings. Personal experiences remind me that pain is subjective, and everyone is doing their best. This approach allows me to see individuals for their potential beyond challenges.

Concluding the interview, SODIUM expressed his commitment to the transformative power of empathy and EQ, aiming to continue shaping the landscape of emotional intelligence through MEA’s innovative and culture-sensitive approach.

Renowned as Sodium, Musa Bello stands as a seasoned trainer, facilitator, and coach dedicated to igniting individuals to lead fulfilling lives. Holding roles as an Empathy Strategist, NLP Practitioner, Professional MC, and Emotional Intelligence and Relationship Coach, he boasts over 5 years of impactful experience. Fueled by a mission to cultivate compassionate leadership, Musa founded the Mubell Empathy Academy, aimed at empowering individuals and organizations to harness emotional intelligence for a 10X boost in profitability, enhanced performance, and the establishment of thriving relationships.

His instructional approach in teaching emotional intelligence is renowned for being relatable and highly practical. Musa is widely acknowledged for his innovative solutions that deliver lasting impacts in record time. An accomplished author, he penned “Daily Emotional Bliss,” a transformative book that has guided thousands in mastering their emotions. As the world contends with a rising wave of emotional instability, Musa Bello emerges as a beacon of optimism and a globally esteemed figure in the realm of emotional intelligence.

A graduate in Industrial Chemistry from the University of Abuja, Musa has contributed his expertise to various organizations, spanning private and public sectors, including healthcare, education, and paramilitary establishments. His diverse skill set encompasses inclusive excellence (DEIB), stress management, leadership, breakthrough performance, growth mindset, conflict resolution, and employee engagement.

For inquiries, Musa Bello can be reached at +2347067784443 or through email at bmusa1960@gmail.com.

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