Dr. Marc Siegel Calls for Transparent Disclosure on President Biden’s Health

Dr. Marc Siegel raised concerns about President Joe Biden’s health during a Fox Business interview on Monday, emphasizing the need for greater transparency from the president’s medical team. Siegel, citing Biden’s verbal missteps and recent angry outbursts, suggested that these signs point to cognitive decline. He urged for a comprehensive disclosure, including cognitive assessments over time and MRI results.

The call for transparency follows a report by special counsel Robert Hur, characterizing Biden as a “well-meaning elderly man with a poor memory.” Siegel rejected the notion of dismissing Biden’s moments of confusion as mere gaffes, emphasizing their potential connection to judgment issues.


Biden’s press conference on Thursday, where he snapped at questions about his memory and confused the leaders of Egypt and Mexico, intensified concerns about his cognitive capacity. A recent ABC News/Ipsos survey revealed that 86% of American adults believe Biden is “too old” for the presidency, compared to 62% for former President Donald Trump.

Siegel urged fellow doctors to share their findings on Biden’s cognitive health and stressed the importance of including brain-related details in the upcoming annual physical examination. He also highlighted Biden’s defensiveness during the press conference as a characteristic behavior in individuals with cognitive problems.

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