Democratic Presidential Candidate Marianne Williamson Faces Staff Departures Amid Ballot Access Battle

Marianne Williamson, a longshot Democratic presidential candidate, and self-help author, has experienced a significant loss in campaign staff following the departure of several officials, according to a report by Politico on Thursday.

In a recent announcement, Williamson revealed that Carlos Cardona would be leading her political operation, marking the third campaign manager since her presidential launch in March. Sources familiar with the situation, who chose to remain anonymous to discuss internal matters, informed Politico that six campaign staffers either resigned or were dismissed due to the ongoing battle for ballot access.

According to one of the sources, the departures from the campaign were attributed to Cardona, who assumed the position after two campaign managers and one deputy campaign manager had already resigned.

The staff shake-up adds to the challenges faced by Marianne Williamson’s presidential campaign, further highlighting the uphill battle she faces as a longshot candidate in a crowded Democratic primary field.

“[Cardona] stepping in as a new campaign manager and just his approach to reorganizing and restructuring the campaign to be cash efficient but also incredibly nimble on the ground in key primary states,” the source said of Williamson’s newest campaign manager.

Cardona fired a staffer of Williamson’s New Hampshire operation, along with two national field directors, according to Politico. The entirety of the self-help author’s South Carolina team resigned, adding three more staffers to the docket.

Other sources attributed Williamson’s losses to a recent meeting where staffers voiced concern over the campaign’s focus on the candidate’s social media presence instead of ballot access, they told Politico.

“During that meeting, there was just a vibe that she felt attacked, and an insinuation at the end of that call that some staff were not going to make it to the end of the week,” a source told Politico.

“She didn’t listen to anything that was said,” said another. “Clearly, because the people who expressed frustration were fired.”

Williamson ran for president in 2020, but dropped out of the Democratic primaries in January after failing to gain traction. She quickly threw her support behind independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders for president.

Several former staffers from Williamson’s first presidential campaign voiced their experience with the self-help author, and described her as cruel and unpredictable. A few recalled Williamson throwing her phone at them, punching a car and calling staffers overweight.

“You would think the journalistic focus of the Marianne Williamson campaign would be about her gains in polling, landing key political endorsements and attracting new supporters, but no, we’re once again responding to internal staffing decisions being made to strengthen our position in this presidential primary race,” a campaign spokesperson told Politico. “Every campaign or company will adjust on strategy, and face tough staffing decisions to become more efficient with resources.”

The RealClearPolitics (RCP) average for a 2024 national Democratic presidential primary, based on polls conducted between June 5 and June 26, indicates President Joe Biden is leading by roughly 50 points, with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Williamson garnering 14.4% and 5.7% support, respectively.

Williamson’s campaign did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.

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