Cultural Elites Out of Touch with Mainstream America, Study Finds

A recent study conducted by the Committee to Unleash Prosperity highlights a significant disconnect between America’s cultural elites and ordinary citizens. The study, titled “Them Vs. U.S.,” delves into the perspectives of cultural elites defined by factors such as postgraduate degrees, high incomes, urban residence, and Ivy League education.

Key findings from the survey, conducted by pollster Scott Rasmussen, reveal stark differences in viewpoints:

  • Financial Well-being: Approximately three-quarters of cultural elites believe they are financially better off since President Joe Biden took office, while less than 20% of ordinary Americans share the same sentiment.
  • Individual Freedom: Cultural elites are three times more likely than the general population to believe there is too much individual freedom in the country. Almost half of the elites and nearly six in ten Ivy League graduates feel there is excessive freedom.
  • Climate Change: A striking 72% of cultural elites, including 81% of those from top universities, support banning gas cars. Additionally, majorities favor bans on gas stoves, non-essential air travel, SUVs, and private air conditioning.
  • Education: Most elites believe teachers’ unions and school administrators should dictate school agendas, whereas mainstream Americans advocate for parental decision-making in education.

The study underscores a Grand Canyon-sized divide between cultural elites residing in influential areas like Silicon Valley, Manhattan, and Washington, D.C., and everyday Americans. The disconnect is attributed to the elites’ working in “talking professions,” such as university professors, journalists, lawyers, actors, and lobbyists. While elites express concerns about issues like climate change and LGBTQ rights, many mainstream Americans are preoccupied with crime, illegal immigration, inflation, and economic challenges.

The findings shed light on the challenges posed by this stark cultural divide, with the elites often failing to comprehend the financial stress and diverse concerns faced by the broader population. The study suggests that these cultural elites may be out of touch with the realities and priorities of main street America.

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