Controversy Surrounds College Football Playoff Selection as Florida State Gets Snubbed

In a surprising turn of events, the College Football Playoff lineup has been officially announced, featuring Michigan, Washington, Texas, and Alabama, but notably excluding undefeated Florida State. The decision has left Tallahassee in a state of outrage.

Despite boasting a flawless 13-0 record and securing the ACC championship against Louisville on Saturday night, Florida State found itself ranked fifth by the committee. The omission marks the first time in CFP history that an undefeated Power 5 champion has failed to make the Top 4.

Many critics argue that the committee’s bias against the Seminoles is evident, accusing them of overlooking FSU’s impressive season. The committee’s decision has sparked controversy, with some attributing it to a perceived SEC bias and questionable assumptions about the competitiveness of Florida State without key players like Jordan Travis and potentially Tate Rodemaker.

Even the defending national champions, the Georgia Bulldogs, find themselves on the outside looking in, securing the sixth spot after a loss in the SEC championship to Alabama.

Florida State’s athletic director didn’t hold back, issuing a scathing statement expressing disappointment in the selection process. The overall sentiment is that the College Football Playoff has been tainted by controversy before it even begins, reflecting poorly on the NCAA and the committee’s decision-making.

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