Congressmen Clash Over Biden Impeachment Inquiry During Committee Hearing

Republican Representative James Comer of Kentucky and Democratic Representative Jamie Raskin of Maryland engaged in a tense exchange regarding the impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden during a hearing on Wednesday.

The confrontation occurred during the House Oversight Committee’s session titled “Defending America from the Chinese Communist Party’s Political Warfare, Part I.” Raskin initiated the discussion by criticizing the impeachment inquiry into President Biden, which the House had voted to initiate in December.

Raskin asserted, “It’s obviously been dropped, and yet this was the genesis of our investigation,” referencing an FBI FD-1023 form released by Republican Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa.

Comer rebutted, stating that Raskin’s claim was “simply not true.”

The House had passed a resolution to formally open an impeachment inquiry into Biden, focusing on his family’s business dealings, with a vote of 221-212. Comer presented bank records and other documents indicating that the Bidens had received millions of dollars from Chinese firms. He queried, “Are you saying the bank statements are Russian disinformation, that the Bidens took $9,000 from China?”

Raskin responded, “You’ve been talking about bank statements for over a year, but they don’t show anything other than there was no crime.”

Among the documents released by Comer was a June 2018 email from a bank money laundering investigator expressing concern about Hunter Biden’s business dealings and referencing legal issues faced by one of his business partners.

Comer challenged, “So it’s okay, as Tony Bobulinski said, for China to bribe Joe Biden’s family with $9 million?”

Raskin disputed the assertion, stating, “But that’s the lie that’s been discredited.”

Raskin faced accusations of attempting to “smear and defame” Bobulinski, a former business associate of Hunter Biden’s who has cooperated with the House Oversight Committee’s investigation.

Comer concluded, “Y’all have an obsession with Russia and Trump. It’s disturbing. You need therapy, Mr. Raskin.”

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