Conflicting Testimonies Surface in Special Prosecutor’s Credit Card Saga

In a courtroom revelation, special prosecutor Nathan Wade faced contradictory statements from his former law partner, Terrence Bradley, regarding the use of Bradley’s credit card. During Thursday’s testimony, Wade adamantly asserted that he had “never used Mr. Bradley’s credit card,” specifically in transactions related to Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis. However, Bradley, in a contradictory statement on Friday, recalled at least one instance where Wade utilized the credit card for travel, though uncertain if it was relevant to the ongoing case.

Despite Bradley admitting not having the business card anymore, he distinctly remembered Wade using it for travel expenses. When asked if he personally participated in the mentioned travel, Bradley clarified that he did not, indicating that Wade had used the card for firm-related matters.

During cross-examination, it was revealed that such transactions would appear on Bradley’s accounts but not on Wade’s. This discrepancy further fueled the ongoing dispute over the credit card usage. Wade, on Thursday, maintained that he had “never” used anyone else’s card, vehemently denying any involvement with Bradley’s credit card, even before filing for divorce in November 2021.


The conflicting testimonies have added complexity to the legal proceedings, raising questions about the credibility and transparency of financial transactions during the relevant period.

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