CNN’s Dana Bash Challenges Rep. Jayapal on Progressive Silence Regarding Sexual Violence by Hamas

During an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union,” host Dana Bash confronted Democratic Rep. Pramila Jayapal of Washington on the issue of sexual violence against women by Hamas, highlighting what she perceived as a silence among Progressive women on this matter.

Bash expressed her observations, noting that while many Progressive women are vocal in defending women’s rights and condemning the use of rape as a weapon of war, there seems to be silence on incidents like the one that occurred on Oct. 7 and the potential ongoing situation inside Gaza involving hostages.

Jayapal responded by stating that she was indeed considering “the impact of war on women in particular” and condemned what Hamas had done. Bash pressed further, specifically asking if the congresswoman condemned sexual violence against women. Jayapal, in her response, shifted the focus to “international humanitarian law” concerning Israel.

Bash interjected, pointing out the redirection and emphasizing her question about Hamas. Jayapal reiterated her condemnation of rape and sexual assault, attributing these acts to terrorist organizations like Hamas, but also urged a balanced perspective by highlighting Palestinian casualties in Israeli air strikes.

Bash acknowledged the severity of the situation but countered Jayapal’s assertion about Israeli soldiers raping Palestinian women. The congresswoman expressed her reluctance to delve into “the hierarchies of oppression,” emphasizing the need for a different approach to combating terrorism.

The exchange underscored a perceived reluctance among Progressive women to address sexual violence by Hamas directly, with Bash urging a focused discussion on the specific issue at hand.

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