Civil Rights Attorney Warns of Potential Damage to Democratic Party as Black Support for Trump Grows

Recent polling data published by The Wall Street Journal indicates a significant increase in Trump’s support among black men in battleground states, soaring to 30% compared to the 12% he garnered in the 2020 contest. Terrell, speaking on Fox News, reacted to this polling trend and highlighted a viral moment featuring a black woman embracing Trump at an Atlanta Chick-fil-A, underscoring the tangible shift in sentiment.

Terrell emphasized the critical role of black voter support for the Democratic Party, suggesting that anything less than 85-90% could spell trouble for the party’s electoral prospects. He pointed to the aforementioned photograph as evidence of a disconnect between the portrayal of Trump by left-leaning media outlets and the reality of his popularity among black voters.

Highlighting Trump’s likability and asserting that “black people like Trump,” Terrell predicted a further migration of black voters from the Democratic Party to Trump. Drawing on his own experience, he referenced Joe Biden’s controversial remark from four years prior and affirmed his support for Trump despite being black.


The polling data also revealed an increase in Trump’s support among black women, rising to 11% from 6% in 2020, and among both college-educated and non-college-educated black voters. Among college-educated black voters, Trump’s support surged by 10% to 18%, while among those without a college education, it increased by 12% to 21%.

In a separate development, a panel of undecided voters from Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, featured on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” unanimously indicated that they believed Trump’s economic policies would be more beneficial for their families. This sentiment underscores the complex landscape of voter opinions as the 2024 election approaches.

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