Celine Dion Discloses Wedding Day Injury Due to Wardrobe Mishap

Renowned singer Celine Dion recently opened up about a mishap she experienced on her wedding day to René Angélil in December 1994. While reminiscing about her lavish and enchanting wedding, Dion revealed that a wardrobe malfunction led to an injury that required medical attention.

In a video interview with Vogue, Dion recounted how her oversized tiara, which was affixed to her head, became entangled with her veil during the ceremony at the church. The snag occurred when the veil got caught on the carpet, causing Dion to suffer an injury. Despite her initial worries about making it to her future husband, Dion fondly recalled the incident, humorously referencing her song “I’m Gonna Run to You.”

Although Dion thoroughly enjoyed her wedding day, she later realized the extent of her injury. Upon removing the tiara, she discovered a cut on her forehead due to excessive pressure. The following day, Dion woke up to find a sizable swelling resembling an egg in the middle of her forehead, causing her eyes to temporarily cross. Subsequently, she sought medical attention and was prescribed antibiotics for three weeks to reduce the swelling.

Despite the unexpected setback, Dion reflects on her wedding day with great affection, cherishing the memories shared with her late husband. She emphasized the significance of the moment, expressing enduring love and gratitude for Angélil.

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