CBS Legal Analyst Predicts Trouble for Fulton County DA Fani Willis Following Closing Arguments

After the conclusion of closing arguments on Friday in the trial centered around Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’ past relationship with prosecutor Nathan Wade, CBS legal analyst Rikki Klieman expressed a bleak outlook for Willis.

The trial revolves around allegations that Willis and Wade benefited from a lucrative contract through their relationship, with Wade receiving a higher salary. Michael Roman, a co-defendant of former President Donald Trump, initiated the case, seeking Willis’ disqualification from prosecuting an election interference case in Georgia due to the perceived conflict.

Klieman asserted, “I’ll say this without fear of contradiction, this case is not getting dismissed. However, the one question that does remain is whether or not Fani Willis and/or Nathan Wade will be disqualified from continuing the case.” She criticized their conduct as “stunning in its recklessness” and suggested that the Bar Association might consider disbarring Willis or Wade in Georgia due to this “reckless conduct.”

Highlighting the judge’s potential actions, Klieman noted that even if disqualification doesn’t occur, complaints may be forwarded to the Bar Association. The essence of the allegations lies in the appearance of impropriety, a fundamental concern for lawyers, particularly prosecutors.

Willis is accused of paying Wade $250 per hour, a higher rate than other prosecutors, leading to suspicions of favoritism. The extra money allegedly financed luxury vacations for the two. Wade’s firm reportedly received substantial payments from the Fulton County District Attorney’s office, far exceeding the compensation received by other respected attorneys in the field.

Contrary to Willis’s claim of equal pay for all prosecutors, records indicate a significant disparity. Wade admitted to a romantic relationship with Willis in a February 1 affidavit, while a friend of Willis, Robin Yeartie, testified that she had “no doubt” the relationship began in 2019, a claim Willis denied.

During her testimony on February 15, Willis erupted in anger when questioned about Wade’s visits to her home, vehemently denying the accusations and presenting documents in her defense.

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