Biden Campaign Takes Aim at Trump as Former President Faces DOJ Probe

Biden-Harris Campaign Criticizes Trump’s Media Appearance and Republican National Convention Plans

In a strategic move to escalate the ongoing political rivalry, the Biden campaign unleashed its first official attack against Donald Trump on Tuesday. Coincidentally, on the same day, the former president disclosed that he had received a letter instructing him to report to the Department of Justice (DOJ) regarding an investigation into the events of January 6.

The opening salvo from the Biden-Harris campaign targeted Trump’s recent participation in what they dubbed as “softball town halls,” as reported by Politico. This veiled criticism directly referred to Trump’s appearance alongside Fox News’ Sean Hannity on Tuesday night.

Kevin Munoz, the spokesperson for Biden’s reelection campaign, then shifted the focus to the upcoming Republican National Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. According to sources, Munoz took a swipe at the convention plans, suggesting potential vulnerabilities or shortcomings within the Republican gathering.

As the 2024 presidential election cycle slowly gains momentum, these early confrontations highlight the intensity and significance of the race ahead. Both the Biden campaign and Trump’s legal battles are expected to further fuel the political landscape in the coming months.

“One year from today, Republicans will be wrapping up their convention in Wisconsin, just miles away from where former President Trump promised his ‘America First’ agenda would bring 13,000 manufacturing jobs and a new Foxconn plant to the state,” Munoz told Politico. “The former president has yet to go back to Wisconsin since announcing his campaign, nor has he provided an explanation for his failure to deliver on his promised American manufacturing boom.”

In response, Trump’s spokesperson Steven Cheung told Politico, “America was more prosperous, the border was secure, communities were safe, and America was respected on the world stage.”

“Crooked Joe Biden can’t run on his disastrous record and knows President Trump will crush him in the general election,” Cheung added, the outlet reported.

The statement’s direct targeting of Trump marks the first time the Biden-Harris campaign has explicitly mentioned Trump by name. Biden’s reelection video mentioned “MAGA extremists” but never mentioned the former president.

Polls show Biden and Trump as the current front runners for their respective parties, with Trump leading the Republican field at 53.7%, according to Real Clear Politics (RCP) average.

RCP’s average has Biden and Trump at 43.8% and 43.4% respectively in a hypothetical matchup.

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