Arizona Governor Grilled on Abortion Stance Amid Reinstatement of Civil War-Era Ban”

Governor Hobbs was questioned by Griffin regarding her position on abortion, specifically inquiring whether she supports it up until viability or beyond. Griffin also queried whether Hobbs would back reinstating the previous 15-week policy with exceptions for cases of rape, incest, and maternal health concerns.

Hobbs responded by referencing a forthcoming ballot measure that Arizonans will vote on in November. This measure aims to establish a framework where decisions regarding abortion are left to a woman and her doctor, effectively removing governmental interference. The initiative proposes to define a fundamental right to abortion before the point of viability, typically around 22-24 weeks of pregnancy.

Former President Donald Trump voiced opposition to the Arizona Supreme Court’s ruling and pledged not to endorse a national abortion ban if reelected. Similarly, Republican Senate candidate Kari Lake condemned the decision, emphasizing the need for state-level determination on such a personal issue. Lake, drawing on her experience as a mother, urged Governor Hobbs and the State Legislature to devise a pragmatic solution that resonates with Arizonans.

Contrarily, Democratic Arizona Attorney General Kristen Mayes vowed not to enforce the ban, reassuring that no doctors would face prosecution for performing abortions. This stance aligns with a broader pushback against the reinstatement of stringent abortion regulations within the state.

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