Ana Navarro Criticizes Media’s Focus on Biden’s Gaffes Over Trump’s Legacy

In a recent segment on CNN, Ana Navarro, co-host of “The View,” voiced her frustration with the media’s coverage of President Joe Biden’s gaffes, arguing that it takes attention away from discussing former President Donald Trump. Recent polls have shown Biden and Trump in a tight race for the 2024 election, with Trump leading by 11 points in a Wall Street Journal poll on the subject of accomplishments and by 10 points in terms of mental fitness for office.

Host John Berman questioned Navarro about this apparent edge for Trump, to which she responded, “Frankly, I think people have forgotten how bad Donald Trump was. I think people have forgotten all the gaffes and mistakes that Donald Trump made as president, while the ones that Joe Biden makes are, you know, front and center and they are national news media.”

Navarro went on to express her belief that people have moved away from the memory of the stressful and divisive nature of Trump’s presidency. She cited daily tweets, cultural wars, personal attacks on individuals, and international leaders as some of the issues during that era. She continued, “It’s going to be the Biden campaign’s job, should Donald Trump be the nominee, to remind America what we went through in those four years, to remind America of the horror that led to January 6, to remind America about the dysfunction in that government, the corruption, about the children in government, about — about the billions of dollars that have been raised by those children after they left government.”

Throughout Biden’s presidency, he has faced scrutiny over his age and mental fitness, with several gaffes drawing attention. These include moments when he appeared to slur incoherently during a conversation with Israeli President Isaac Herzog and when he walked off set during a live interview on MSNBC before a commercial break, leaving host Nicolle Wallace visibly confused. Additionally, his stumble on a sandbag during a U.S. Air Force Academy graduation raised questions about his physical health.

In September 2022, Biden also seemed to call out for the deceased Congresswoman Jackie Walorski, who had tragically died in a car crash the previous month. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre defended Biden’s actions, explaining that Walorski was “top of mind” for the President at that moment.

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