Allegations Surface Regarding Daily Beast’s New Chief Content Officer’s Editorial Direction

Allegations have emerged concerning Joanna Coles, the newly appointed Chief Content Officer (CCO) of The Daily Beast, suggesting a controversial editorial approach, as reported by the Intelligencer. Coles purportedly urged her team to publish a story about Barron Trump’s potential attendance at New York University (NYU), despite being unable to verify the information. The report was allegedly penned without attribution, prompting uncertainty among staff.

Coles’s editorial decisions have reportedly sparked discontent among employees, with some stories assigned causing internal friction. One such story delved into the physical appearances of women associated with Donald Trump, while another focused on rumors surrounding Trump’s bodily functions during a trial. Additionally, staff voiced concerns over a proposed piece on youth involvement in anti-Israel protests, citing inaccuracies and insensitivity.

Tensions escalated further when Matt Fuller, a former Washington bureau chief, was allegedly pressured to leave after expressing reservations about covering certain topics. Coles’s leadership style and editorial direction reportedly led to several staffers seeking alternative employment opportunities or considering buyouts.

Coles assumed control of The Daily Beast’s editorial operations following a partnership announcement involving Barry Diller, senior executive of IAC and Expedia Group, Coles, and Ben Sherwood. While Sherwood assumed the roles of chief executive and publisher, Coles’s leadership style was met with skepticism and resistance from some staff members, who felt her vision diverged from the publication’s ethos.

Concerns about the future of journalism at The Daily Beast have surfaced among staff, with divisions emerging between those contemplating departure and others aiming to adapt to the new leadership. Despite these challenges, questions linger regarding the publication’s editorial direction under Coles’s stewardship.

The Daily Caller’s attempt to obtain comment from The Daily Beast regarding these allegations remained unanswered at the time of reporting.

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