6 Places to Go Paragliding in Colorado

Experience Colorado’s breathtaking landscapes from a unique vantage point on a paragliding adventure. Here are six top destinations in the state where you can take to the skies:


  • Location: Golden, CO
  • Overview: Fly high above Highway 6 and enjoy views of the Jefferson County Government Center and the surrounding area. Golden’s close proximity to Denver makes it a convenient spot for a quick paragliding trip.


  • Location: Telluride, CO
  • Overview: Known for its stunning mountain scenery, Telluride offers an incredible paragliding experience over the San Juan Mountains. Take off from the historic town and soar above lush forests and pristine valleys.


  • Location: Aspen, CO
  • Overview: Paraglide over the iconic Maroon Bells and the Roaring Fork Valley. Aspen provides spectacular views of some of Colorado’s most famous peaks, making it a must-visit for adventure seekers.


  • Location: Vail, CO
  • Overview: Glide above Vail’s world-renowned ski slopes and enjoy panoramic views of the Gore Range. Paragliding in Vail offers a thrilling way to experience the beauty of the Rockies year-round.


  • Location: Boulder, CO
  • Overview: Launch from the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and enjoy views of the Flatirons, Boulder Valley, and the city below. Boulder’s paragliding spots are ideal for both beginners and experienced flyers.

Glenwood Springs

  • Location: Glenwood Springs, CO
  • Overview: Fly over the stunning Glenwood Canyon and the Colorado River. This location is perfect for those looking to combine their paragliding adventure with a visit to the area’s famous hot springs.

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